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Electrical Services

Residential and Commercial Wiring

Our expert team specializes in comprehensive wiring upgrades and repairs for both residential and commercial properties, ensuring compliance with the latest electrical codes and standards. Whether it's a new construction or a remodel, we provide reliable and efficient wiring solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Appliance and Lighting Installations

From state-of-the-art appliance installations to energy-efficient lighting solutions, we offer professional services that align with the latest electrical code requirements. Our team ensures safe and compliant installations, enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of your space.


We provide whole house or partial home generator services, offering peace of mind during power outages. Our solutions are designed to keep your home or business powered, ensuring uninterrupted functionality and security when you need it most.

Power Meter and Electrical Panels

With a focus on safety and efficiency, we specialize in upgrading and replacing power meters and electrical panels. Our services are geared towards enhancing the reliability and performance of your electrical systems, keeping your property up to code and functioning optimally.

Home Renovations and Additions

Whether you're undertaking a renovation or adding to your home, we offer additional circuits for outlets and lighting to accommodate the evolving electrical requirements of modern living spaces. Our expertise in home renovations and additions ensures seamless integration of electrical systems into your upgraded or expanded property.

Professional Electrical Services by T&T HVAC and Electrical

From installations to repairs, our skilled technicians ensure top-quality workmanship, keeping your electrical systems running smoothly.

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